Rusty trucks, tractors, and cars- oh my ! We do so LOVE rust ! There have been many occasions where Carmen and I have gone knee deep in the weeds with only our cameras in hand, ignoring any notion of snakes and chiggers just to sneak a peek at some rusty, dusty, relics. It’s a treasure hunt – the thrill of finding what others have long since forgotten. And although in most cases we simple capture the treasure with the click of our camera, there have been some incidences where we’ve hauled our rusty treasure home (along with a little poison ivy), giddy with the all the possibilities. And even though both our husbands just shake their heads at our junkin’ antics, we will continue to run footloose and fancy free into the rusty wilds !

 Fun finds from a “field” trip in Southern Illinois:

’til our next adventure,