Gettin’ My Goat On

It’s no secret that Carmen and I have been jonesin’ for goats for a while, so when I was at a friends house last fall and they showed me their goats, Chantal and Lucy (Nubians), needless to say I was smitten!
These two girls were sweet, smart and adorable to watch with the kids. You can tell they just want to be apart of things, they love attention! And I must admit I would have put Lucy in the back of my truck if I thought I could get away with it!
Just look at this face –
I was told that Chantal was preggers and was due sometime at the end of January –yippee ! Now how to weasel my way in on this event – tee hee! Luckily I didn’t have to try too hard because the Goat Cam went up about a week before Chantal was due.
Hooray for me! I could sit in the comfort of my own home and wait for the big event…and wait, and wait and wait! The suspense was killing me!  I would watch the Goat Cam and Chantal for any little sign that , that day was going to be THE DAY. In fact, I think my family started to get a little worried about me ( I don’t know maybe it had something to do with the fact that the Goat Cam joined us at the dinner table) oh, just kidding , kinda!
But the big day did finally arrive on a Sunday and when it did I set there in front of my computer, with coffee in hand for 2 1/2 hrs.
I loved being able to watch the faces of our friends as the time drew nearer- so exciting! Chantal finally gave birth to two kids, a buck and a doe. They were adorable from the get go.
Lucky for me I didn’t have to wait long before I could get my hands on them. That very afternoon my sons and I got to pay them a visit. It was truly a very special experience for me and so thankful that my guys got to be a part of it, as well.
The best part – I can run down the road  and play with them anytime, well as long as I don’t become too obsessed (past that point) and our friends don’t have to do some kind of intervention with me : )
Next up : Llama and Donkey Cam-whoop whoop!
~ Amy

The Chicken Chick