No April Fools Joke – When Hogs Meet Bacon Scented Hog Wash Soap


So I thought it would be an awesome idea to take pictures of our What’s Shakin’ Bacon scented Hog Wash Soap with what else…but some hogs.  My youngest was taking her horseback riding lesson across the road at the farm that just so happens to have hogs.  I decided to take some pictures (nonchalantly because for some reason I figured others would think I was crazy for taking pics of hogs and soap) of the soap by setting up a sweet lil’ vignette with basket, gingham, and soap. I just figured I’d take a pic as I called the pigs up to me to give them a treat (totally making it look like they are super interested in the soap (which they wouldn’t be, of course).


So I set up the soap, grabbed the camera, called the pigs while shaking the treats, and what happened next is all a blur…


All I remember is that they went all cray cray on that bacon scented soap and I jumped back and went running around the other side of the pen (of course with camera ready) and snapped a pic just as they were finishing up the last two of the 3 bars (total of 30 seconds).  I got outta the area as quickly (and nonchalantly) as possible and everyone there was none-the-wiser.


But I figured those pigs were burpin’ and fartin’ bubbles for the next 24 hours 🙂

Who’da thought hogs would have a taste for BACON SCENTED Hog Wash Soaps?! Not this girl!

True Story.


The Chicken Chick