A Hunting We Will Go

DSCN8059aSpring has sprung, which means more time outside – yippee! I’m lovin’ it and my kids are too! And although there’s more than enough for them to get into outside, I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I hear those dreaded words….Mom I’m bored!

No worries – because this time I’ve already got a lil’ something up my sleeve: A barnyard scavenger hunt – this is an easy way to add a little fun to an ordinary day. To change it up a bit, make it a photo scavenger hunt.


Nowadays it seems like everything we own has some kind of camera on it, so you can have your kids use a digital camera or if you don’t have a digital camera handy, those disposable cameras would work too.

DSCN8062aI came up with 20 items you might find around the farm:

boots barn/shed

farm animal

bucket/pail flower pot


a muddy something rotten wood or log


tractor or other equipment

wind chimes


cowboy or trucker hat

animal poo (highly likely this will be their favorite find)


mossy rock


barn dog/ cat


a farmer

Give each child a list of items and a camera to take a picture of each item they find during the hunt. If you want to make it a little more challenging set a time limit, the person with the most pics of items when the time is up wins. This can be a fun family activity, one you invite the neighbors over and divide up into teams or maybe even a birthday party idea. Just don’t forget PRIZES ! And remember you can come up with your own theme; Camping,  A-Z,  or the Mall (yikes did I just say that) I just picked barnyard because…. well, it involves a farm. 🙂

When you’re plotting and planning your adventure make sure you keep in mind the ages of your group, some kiddos may need a little parental help. I hope this proves to be a great boredom buster for your family.


Have fun- stay safe & happy hunting. 🙂 Amy