“The Grove” Estate Sale Eye Candy Part 2

There were so many awesome things to buy at this estate sale, but the truth is…we just don’t NEED a dang thang.  There were a few items that we couldn’t pass up, though.  The above picture shows an old printing block…how cool is it that upon further inspection, we realized that it’s actually a map of our area?!  Very cool.  We found a tarnished item, that we thought was a good deal for a few bucks and after taking it home and polishing it up, realized it was a GREAT deal…as it is a silver bridal basket from the mid 1800’s!

If anyone knows anything about the two boy figurines, please fill us in as we thought they were really cool for a couple of bucks, but have no idea what they really are.  They look to be clay/paper over wire…maybe.  There is a fingerprint in the bottom of one of ’em.  Worth something or not, we thought they were cool.

We found an old fabric stamp (which we hadn’t seen before) and more printing blocks that we liked.

Next up is the big metal bucket…not sure what to do with it yet…or why it was bought.  We just have a thang about buckets…and rusty things.  See our rusty things?  Skeleton keys, 1800’s horseshoes and a very old padlock…all of these said ,”Buy me, I’m rusty”. True story.

The Better Homes and Gardens recipe book is from the ’40’s, but we took the icky pages out and we will use the binder for a project.

We loved these lil’ vintage farm animal toys…but not sure if the lil’ men are supposed to be with the set or not….hmmmmm…any ideas?

Who doesn’t love some vintage bloomers?!  We were lucky to find these and they are O-L-D.  Also, found an apron and a baby bonnet. This sale also had books galore…books for everyone.  Here are some of the fun books that we found.

‘Til our next adventure,

Carmen & Amy


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