“The Grove” Estate Sale Eye Candy Part 1

Estate sales to us are like candy stores to a 6 year old and when everything at the estate sale is old, rusted, chipped, peeling, and stained…well, that’s just the icing on the cake. So, one weekend in September, when we found an estate sale right up the road from us, we couldn’t have been more excited. We went, not once, but twice that weekend! And to make it even better, everything left on Sunday was half off! The Grove was built in the late 1700’s, has tons o’ history, and is actually for sale (as I am posting)! It’s a fabulous house on 40ish acres with a garage, sheds, barns and all of those things that give old houses character; crooked floors, tons o’ nooks and crannies, thick glass window panes, and fireplaces galore. Take a look at this property here, if you want more information! In part 2, I’ll show ya the few lil’ things that we bought.



One thought on ““The Grove” Estate Sale Eye Candy Part 1

  1. OOOOH,I wish I could have gone. I love the vintage clothes! I can’t wait to see what you scored! I know it will be great, and rusty, and chippy, and just the way we like things! Please don’t wait too long to post your purchases, I’m salivating already!!!!

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