The Cluckin’ Cottage – Carmen’s Chicken Story

My chicken story is a little more full of chicken drama than I’d like to have had. After wanting chickens for a couple of years, my youngest munchkin decided to raise chickens (hens), show them, and sell their eggs for her 4-H project.  So, we went to our first chicken sale at Gilmanor Farm.  We had no idea what we were doing and were overwhelmed with the many, many chickens for sale.  We came home with the 4 chickens above (all 4-5 weeks old).  After a few weeks, we lost beautiful little Lucy (she was smothered), which was devastating being our first chicken loss. At about 12 weeks, Maddie was up on our fence and went to snack on a bug…which actually ended up being a fishing hook attached to a fishing pole…nothing like going outside to the sound of a screaming chicken with a fishing line hanging out of it’s mouth.  We got it out without much of a problem, thankfully, although it was in the roof of her mouth.  At about 17 weeks, we heard the first cock-a-doodle doo which actually didn’t sound at all like what I thought it would…more like a pubescent boy/rusty hinges sound. This is when Matilda was changed to Matt.  Not long after, we found that Maddi was a boy, as well.  We kinda got used to the crowing (the neighbors did too) and decided we would keep them for a bit longer.  Well, then my youngest munchkin decided to get some 2 week old baby chicks.  We ended up with 7 Wyandottes…5 silverlaced (1 having a deformed beak) and 1 white.  Within 2 weeks, we had lost another chicken (white)…we think she was smothered, as well. So…we eventually found that 5 of the 6 Wyandottes were boys…yay.  For those of you bad at math, this leaves us with 2 hens and 7 roosters…and that just doesn’t work.  We decided to get rid of 5 roosters which was horrible…we sold them at the chicken show in September, to a farmer…and I can’t even go there because it makes me sad. And btw, I am not one that could eat my own chickens, just in case you haven’t gotten that yet. I understand the whole farming thing…just found it’s not for me.  I’m not a chicken farmer…just a lover of pet chickens. After we sold the 5 roosters, we were able to go into the sale and buy 3 more chickens (but this time they were full grown laying hens)! I SO love this sale…too bad it’s only twice a year!  Ok, so we are left with Darla the Rhode Island Red from the first batch, Fluffermuffin the white Wyandotte rooster, Mamie the silver laced Wyandotte, Ostrey (b/c he looks like an ostrich) the silverlaced Wyandotte rooster with the deformed beak, Lillian the Dominique, Opal the Buff Plymouth Rock, and Baby the Bantam Bearded Silkie/Barnyard Mix.

Whew…call me Chicken Crazy!

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~Crazy Chicken Lady, Carmen~

Matt- hated to get rid of this fella

Maddi- sad to get rid of this fella too


The baby Wyandottes at 2 weeks

The cute Wyandottes before we found out 5 were roosters and got rid of 3

Fluffermuffin and Mamie (with our 4-H spokesgirl 😉






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