The Funky Chicken Coop – Amy’s Chicken Story

In the spring of this year our family decided to embark on the adventure known as raising chickens. So, in April we got started on our coop, The Funky Chicken, and we completed it just in time for the big local chicken sale, in May. A good friend had suggested that we start off with 3, and that’s exactly what we did ! First , a Buff Orpington, which soon came to be known as , Large Marge ; she does like to EAT. Next is Ruby Jane, a mild mannered Barred Rock who’s super sweet and very sassy! Even though she is the smallest of the 3, she definitely rules the roost! And last but certainly not least, is our Ameraucana, Roosie, who started off as Rosie until we found out she was a he, four months into it! Although we had our suspicions, it wasn’t affirmative until we heard that rebel rousing crow! Now we are knee deep in chicken poop and lovin’ every minute of it 🙂

Here are some of our go-to resources for all things “chicken”:

~Crazy Chicken Lady, Amy~

Large MargeRoosieRuby Jane


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